Physical Science and Technical College

The precursor of Physical Science and Technical College is the department of physics, which was built in 1958. Its name was changed into Physical Science and Technical College in May 2003.

There are two departments that are physics and electronic information engineering and one electronic technology graduate school. It owns basic laboratory and professional laboratory that are managed well and well-appointed, it also has a school-grade key laboratory and a province-grade key laboratory, the total area of the laboratory is about 6000 square meters, the total amount of the equipment is more than seven million Yuan. There are ten thousands of professional books. It has three undergraduate majors (physics, applied physics, electronic information engineering) and three authorized places of master’s degrees (particle physics, nuclear physics, material physics and chemistry, condensed state physics). There are forty-three faculty members, including twelve professors, six associate professors; there are thirteen persons who possess doctor’s degree (including five persons who possess post-doctoral degree). We have external experts, five professors. There is one teacher who has been selected into “National Millions Talent Project”, and two teachers who have been selected into “Province Millions Talent Project”. There are 758 undergraduate students and 56 master students studying in the college now.

In recent years, the college has been awarded one province-grade excellent class, four province-grade teaching achievement prizes, it has been awarded the school’s “Excellent Teaching and Managing Unit” and some other prizes many times. Since 2003, the school has got over 60 scientific research tasks of various grades, it is now conducting three projects named National Natural Science Foundation Project and one project named National 863 High-tech Project, it has acquired 21 patents, has 168 paper published in the core journals at home and abroad, 50 SCI/EI index, 18 monographs, it has many science research awarded province-grade prize. The school is being more and more powerful, the quality of the talents is improving constantly, there are students who have been awarded the second prize of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the students who have been awarded the second prize of National College Students' Mathematical Model Matching and the first prize in Liaoning competition zone, the graduates have met with a favorable reception among their employers.