Drama Arts College

Now the school has 5 departments, namely, department of drama performance, film-video arts, dancing, folk music and stage art. It has five undergraduate specialties including specialty of performance (Beijing drama performance, drama and film-video performance, Chinese dancing performance, Drama film-video performance and inventing, fashion show and design), specialty of music performance (Chinese instrument performance, drama instrumental music performance), specialty of dance, drama film-video literature, and art design (film-video digital technology, drama film-video art design), it sets eleven fostering directions, and jointly with Liaoning Education TV Station, it opens two undergraduate specialties which are art of broadcasting and emceeing, writing and directing of radio and TV.

Based on the idea of “consider teaching as the core, scientific research as impulse, management as the guarantee, quality as the foundation”, the college strives to foster high quality inter-disciplinary talents who are “good at both art and civilization, have both ability and political integrity”.